That’s The Kinda Shit That Ruins My Day

27 Apr

You’ve all heard this expression. Maybe you’ve actually used it yourself once or twice. You know what’s interesting about it though? We say it when mostly meaningless and harmless things happen to us. You stub your toe twice in a day and after the second time you say ‘boy, that’s the kinda shit that ruins my day.’ Or maybe you say it when you get 12 red lights in a row. We never it say when it really means something. We never smash ourselves in the crotch and say ‘that’s going to ruin my day’. Even though it seems to fall into the former category of non-serious issues, that’s a somewhat realistic case where it would apply. We never hear of people getting seriously injured– or if we are seriously injured– or of our loved ones confirming that we are, in fact, completely worthless and respond by saying, ‘yep, that’s the kinda shit that ruins my day’.

Earlier today I was downtown in Santa Cruz and walked past two of the good-for-nothing street kids who wear Bob Marley t-shirts and wait for handouts or make snide comments to people with jobs. One was sitting on a bench and the other was standing facing him at his side. The one sitting bent over and tried putting out his cigarette on the leg of the bench, but just enough so that he could fire up the rest later. Apparently, too much tobacco fell out of the cigarette, rendering it garbage. He said, looking at the wasted butt, ‘man, that’s the kinda shit that ruins my day.’ I thought, ‘really? not having half a cigarette ruins your day? How lucky you must be!’ It was astounding for him to say that. I thought, ‘so, not having anywhere to live doesn’t ruin your day? Not knowing where your next meal is going to come from doesn’t ruin your day? Having no future in your current lifestyle doesn’t ruin your day?’

The only thing in his case that could ruin his day I would imagine would be for someone to give him money. Not because he didn’t earn it, but because of what could potentially happen to him depending on how he spent it. Let’s say he bought some of the cheap, pure Mexican heroin that is so popular in Santa Cruz. But let’s say that he got a batch that was too pure for him and he overdosed on it. That, my friends, would surely be something to ruin his day.


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4 responses to “That’s The Kinda Shit That Ruins My Day

  1. Jacques Rorty

    April 28, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Those sum gud points you raise that blog of yours there boy….

    ….it is kinda’ sad really, if losing out on a ciggy ruins your day, since it really shows what you have to look forward to in your day….

    On another note, I think it is interesting that you point out that the phrase is most often used in response to trivial matters. Might it say something about the English language? I don’t know, but the phrase is typically used hyperbolically. It’s a substitute for “that shit really pisses me off”, or “God damn it”, or “Jesus H Fucking Christ”.

    Still, it is quite a statement to be made. I now imagine the street kid, instead of saying “that’s the kinda’ shit that really ruins my day”, saying, “Ah. When it rains, it pours.”
    That might happen if, for instance, upon attempting to put out the ciggy, too much tobacco for his liking falls out, then in disturbance of the situation he becomes agitated, and his foot slips off the park bench into a pile of dog doo-doo. “Ah. When it rains, it pours.”

    • Jacques Rorty

      April 28, 2011 at 9:48 am

      Can you do a blog post on bathroom graffiti? In the HSU Library bathroom there exists graffiti of the kind I’ve never laid eyes to before. The tiles on the bathroom wall are demarcated by thin lines of grout. Over top of the grout is something quite remarkable. A feat of humankind writhing from the pens of urinating students.

      What one bares witness to is thus (just a small sample to tantalize):

      1) Grout Expectations
      2) The Grout Lebowski
      3) Grout White beer
      4) Groutanamo Bay
      5) Goodness gracious. Grout balls of fire
      6) The Grout white hope
      7) The Grout Divide

      ….and so one….

      • RoyCoup

        April 28, 2011 at 10:21 am

        HA! That same kind of graffiti is on the grout lines at UCSC. I was real impressed by that. So Yeah I might have to. Take a picture or something. I, to my credit, added Groutcho Marx and Grout Fishing in America. I don’t know where or when the trend started but I like it so far.

    • RoyCoup

      April 28, 2011 at 10:28 am

      I like your response there bub. And I know what you’re sayin’. I’m a big fan of using “that shit really pisses me off” or “god damnit” and most especially “Jesus H FUCKING Christ”. But “that shit ruins my day” I have a hard time letting slide. I do appreciate the attempt to emphasize one’s frustration, however.

      Yes, it would be even better if at that moment it did in fact rain. And his dog-whose doo-doo he stepped in- got ran over by a car. Going 20 mph.


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