‘That’s What I Always Say…’

15 Jul

You’ve heard someone say that before. Usually they say it after some small bit of insight or a kind of philosophical reflection. You know, a friend keeps falling into lousy, somewhat abusive relationships with no staying power and this person will wax something like, ‘well, you know, you can’t save your teeth for eating a donut. Least, that’s what I always say.’ But when do they actually say that thing except when they follow it up by saying, ‘that’s what I always say.’ Oh really? I don’t think so. They don’t always say it. They don’t even frequently say it. Otherwise,when they did say the thing people around them would nod their head– either in disgust or agreement– and say, ‘yeah, that’s true. I’ve heard him/her say that every possible chance he/she’s had for the past two years, and still no one knows what the hell a donut has to do with anything.’ So next time someone says, ‘that’s what I always say,’ call them on it. Say, ‘really? when? When do you say that, except for right now?’ Let’s bring these people down a notch…

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Posted by on July 15, 2011 in Musings



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