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James Cameron returns from deepest spot on Earth with The Titanic in 3-D

James Cameron returned from a solo mission to the deepest part of the Earth, the Mariana Trench, with a brand new 3-D version of the 1990fuckall boxoffice blockbuster starring Leo DiCraprio and Kate Winslet “The Titanic”. Asked why he would have to go to such depths to get a 3-D copy of the film after all these years, Cameron replied with the following:

“After I heard that Lucas was releasing that turd of a movie, Edposode 3, in 3-D, I knew that I could easily dust off my own butt biscuit of a flick, The Titanic, and make another dozen mill off our obdeient consumer class. Especially because Americans still want to bone Leo and Kate. Anyway, I just knew that the only place where I could find the peace and quiet I would need to work on “T3D” would be at the deepest spot on Earth so that I wouldn’t be inundated with offers and ideas about potentially block busting crap-ass action movies.”

No one at RoycoupNews inquired any further into this news as no one here wants to see or hear anything about or by James Cameron ever.

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On This Day In History

On this day in history, March 23 of 1775, Patrick Henry spoke at St. Johns Church in Richmond, Virginia urging his soon-to-be country to arm against the British and concluded with the famous line: I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.

This man was 'Merican before there even was such a thing.

What about some more modern ways of saying “give me libery, or give me death”:
“Fuck off, or like, whatevs.”
“Give me a sandwich, a blowjob and a beer and leave me alone.”
“Give me ranch, or give me blue cheese.”

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Your Daily Sports Cliche (Spring Training Pitchers Addition)

I felt good. I felt good out there today. I worked on a few things, threw some pitches in situations I wouldn’t normally throw them in. You know, again, this is still spring training. I’m getting where I need to be, you know? Things are progressing as they should. Just go out there, get my work in and build up my pitch count to be ready for opening day.

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Your Daily Sports Cliche (Retirement Addition)

This sports cliche comes courtesy of non other than Jason Varitek. The former captain of the Sox announced his retirement today and hit us up with this short gem. CONGRATS! Tek on a great career and thanks for all your hard work! Now, start your next career as a coach with the Sox.

“I can look at the man in the mirror and be proud that I gave everything to this organization and my teammates.”

Probably the lasting image from Teks time on the Sox. A face full of cow hide for A-Roid!

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