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“Uh, surious.”
“So. So Suriously.”
“Je-sus Chrost.”
“It’s Serial. Surryossly.”
“That’s so searious.”
“Like, you know?”
“Serious, I know.”
“You do? Searious?”
“Serious, I do. You know?”
“Oh, I know.”
“So serial.”
“Serious now. Serealious?”
“Super serealiosity.”
“That is serious.”
“SO surreous. You know?”
“Oh, I know.”
“You do? Sereal?”
“Serial. I do.”
“It’s so serious, right?”
“It’s super searious.”

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Hoist That Barley

There’s nothing better than celebrating turning in another term paper at the last minute than tossing back some cool, tasty suds.  On tonight’s agenda: throw on some Beach Boys, clean up after this latest writing binge, and hoist that barley.  On the menu is a German beer “Pinkus Munster Alt” by Brauerei Pinkus Muller which nestles in at 5.1%.

It pours out a nice head which recedes soon after settling.  The color is a nice golden, light orange.  Taste is crisp, light. Typical of many German beers, but this Munster Alt has a slightly sweet finish, void of the bitter finish to lagers and pilsners making it just my style.  This Munster goes down smooth.  It’s pretty good, if undistinguished.  The bottle label is pretty righteous.  Check it out!



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