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Your Daily Sports Cliche

RoyCoup Sports Press — We work our back sides off early so we can go play when it’s time to play.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Pittsburgh Pirates

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Y’all Wanna Hear Some Blues?

Hey there. Y’all like the blues? Y’all wanna hear some blues? I’m here in my spare bedroom and I’ve got my sick ass Fender Strat all “turnt” up and ready to rock and I’ve got my dark shades on to set the blues mood.

Anyway, this is a real blues jam ’cause I’m a real blues man. This was inspired by the greats. Stevie, John Mayer, and Johnny Lang.

I think you’ll dig this song. I learned it by sheer hard work and dedication. Dedication to the blues. Roots music. The real-deal stuff. Do you like blues? ‘Cause if you do, you’re gonna love this. Give a listen to my blues jam and “Like” it or post it on your FB page. That’s if you really like the blues.

I got the blues so bad,
Lord, I’m badly blue…
I got the blues so dawgonne bad,
Lord, dawgonne it, I’m badly blue…

Oh yeah, the fuckin' blues...

Oh yeah, the fuckin’ blues…

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Your Daily Sports Cliche (STE 2015)

RoyCoup Sports Press — It’s the same spring to me. It’s another year. I’m going to come out here and work hard. I’m going to try and keep getting better. Everyday I try to get better at something.


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Your Daily Sports Cliche (Spring Training Edition 2015)

RoyCoup Sports Press — Let’s get back into some baseball with our first “Your Daily Sports Cliche” of the 2015 season which comes courtesy of Matt Shoemaker of the The Angels Angels of Anaheim.

Competition’s a driving factor in this game. I mean, you uh always wanna get better, and if you better yourself, you’re gonna better the team. So, it’s uh gonna be a really exciting spring, and uh a really exciting season.

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