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Your Daily Sports Cliche (Spring Training Edition)

RoyCoup Sports Press– What we like to see is guys go out there and pump strikes in the zone, consistently pump strikes in the zone. And I think he did that. I thought he established command of the zone with his fastball and was able to expand the zone late in the count because of that. Again, it’s early, but we’re real pleased with how things went today and we’re encouraged by the results.

Farrell Thumbs Up

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Your Daily Sports Cliche (Spring Training 2013)

RoyCoup Sports Press– Well, spring training 2013 is here with most position players having arrived at their respective camps. So, let’s kick off the 2013 season with a good ole “had one bad year” baseball cliche from none other than new Red Sox right fielder Shane Victorino:

“I’ve had seven, eight years in the big leagues, but again, at the end of the day, people always talk about age and talk about how I had a down year and how my numbers are going backwards. But I would say this –- it’s just one year.”

NLCS Workout Session

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